Authentication Profiles

Member Integrated X.509 PKI Credential Services (MICS)

This is an Authentication Profile of the International Grid Trust Federation describing the minimum requirements for Member Integrated X.509 Credential Services (MICS). MICS X.509 Public Key Certification Authorities (MICS PKI CAs) issue credentials to end-entities who themselves possess and control their key pair and activation data. These CAs will act as independent trusted third parties for both subscribers and relying parties within the infrastructure. MICS CAs use a long-term signing key which is stored in a secure manner as defined in the Profile. This Authentication Profile is managed by the TAGPMA and is derived from the TAGPMA SLCS version 1.1.

This maintenance update of the MICS AP was voted on and accepted by the TAGPMA at the 9th TAGPMA F2F Meeting held on 2May09 at the Pittsburgh Computer Center (PSC) in Pittsburgh, PA:

This profile has been voted on by the TAGPMA, EUgrid PMA and APgrid PMA and accepted in its latest form:

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